BUY NOW, PAY LATER!Learn Which Financing Option Is Best For You


Customer Leasing Program

Why offer YOUR Customers a Leasing Program?
When we say your success is our success, we mean it! The Customer Leasing Program provides you the tools to sell higher volume of security systems while providing your customer with the many advantages of leasing. Once your client has been approved, 50% of the project cost is provided to you so you can purchase the equipment and the balance of funds are paid to you upon job completion.

Most organizations prefer leasing because of the tax incentives, low monthly payments and $1 buy out at the end of term. Clients enrolled in the Customer Leasing Program benefit by having more cash flow, convenience and speed, conservation of capital, lower upfront costs with a flexible pay structure.


Inventory Financing

What is an Inventory Finance Loan?
Inventory funding is used for exactly what it sounds like, to purchase additional inventory needed to run your business. Don’t pay for your product until you get paid! 30 – 60- 90 day payment options available. As an added perk, pay your loan off prior to the 30 day loan period and USA-SSC will pay your interest! We mean it when we say your success, is our success and financing options allow you the opportunity to succeed in the Industry!


Working Capital Loan

What is a Working Capital Loan?
Working Capital Loans ensure you have more INCOMING cash then the planning of outgoing cash. A working capital loan is a short-term loan option that can be used for a wide range of business-related expenses; purchase product, expand your business, cover employee salaries, purchase computer software. This type of loan has a higher approval rate and less paperwork than conventional business loans which eliminates the long borrowing periods and is vital to business growth and success. Flexible options and terms.